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Repointing, also called repointing, consists of removing the damaged top layer of mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Redoing the joints improves the visual appearance of the wall, but also protects it against water infiltration and premature ageing.


To keep your buildings in good condition and durable for many years, it is imperative to maintain your masonry facings. Repairs can be carried out at several levels, chimney damage by bad weather, concrete parts cracking, water infiltration and more.


Installation of stone and/or brick on new construction. Considered a high-end exterior finishing material, masonry is a durable and elegant choice for all your new construction projects.

Bulging Brick Walls (bowed walls)

Bulging Brick Walls  occurs when the brick, stone, block wall detaches from the structure of the building. A bulge then occurs in the masonry facing. Over the years, the Bulging Brick Walls  can deteriorate more and more, it can even go so far as to collapse.

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